Book a taxi

You can book a one-way trip from The Hague to Schiphol starting from € 40. For the correct prices, please have a look at our competitive rates. The more people are in your group, the cheaper we can offer our services. If you would like a taxi from Schiphol back to your place, you can of course book this in advance. The price from Schiphol to The Hague and surrounding areas starts from € 55. You can book your taxi to the airport in two different ways.

Online (24/7 service)

If you know exactly what you want and you do not have any further questions, you can submit your booking through our website. Booking is very simple with the only booking form of Central Schiphol Taxi. In there, you can also indicate how you would like to pay and how much luggage you will be carrying. From now on, we also offer the option to pay for your ride with iDEAL.

After you have placed your booking online, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your booking. Please keep in mind that you will have to order at least 12 hours in advance so we can schedule your ride. This is how we can make sure to be of service to you. However, if you need a taxi within (very) short notice (within 12 hours), please book your taxi per telephone.

Telephone (24/7 service)

Would you like to book with us but you still have questions? Or would you like a more personal approach? Please don’t hesitate to call! One of our staff will be ready to assist you in scheduling your booking. Unfortunately, you will not receive an email confirmation when you book via telephone. Would you like a confirmation? Then it is best to book your taxi online, then you will receive your confirmation per email.


If you place a booking, you will need to be ready 15 minutes before the indicated time. This is for the planning of the driver.