Type of transport

Type of transport by Central Schiphol Taxi

Superb transport comes with a superb car and in our opinion that is a Mercedes Benz. Because quality is of great importance to us, the entire fleet of cars of Central Schiphol Taxi consists of Mercedeses. This allows us to offer our clients additional comfort, luxury and reliability. Our taxis are maintained by the dealer and meet all legal requirements for passenger transport on the road.

Private transport with Central Schiphol Taxi

A private client looking for a cheap taxi ride to Schiphol is at the right place here. We have cheap fixed rates, also from Schiphol. It might seem easier to grab a waiting Central Schiphol Taxi at your arrival at Schiphol after a long flight, but it is always cheaper when you book with us in advance. Do not call a local taxi company that also provides rides through the city and thus can’t guarantee that you will be at the airport in time, just book a Central Schiphol Taxi to guarantee yourself the best price and security. You can book a taxi by telephone or online. You will not pay for the meter to the airport, instead, you can book your taxi to Schiphol starting from € 40,-. See our rates!

If someone in the area needs to be picked up, your ride may be combined. If you explicitly want a private taxi, please let us know either via telephone or online.

Type of Transport

Business Transport with Central Schiphol Taxi

For business transport from The Hague and surroundings, we provide various other services in addition to a taxi service to Schiphol. Anniversary, team trips, management meetings, VIP transport: we make it all possible. For VIP transport, Central Schiphol Taxi has representative Mercedes S-Class cars without skylight and fully equipped.